Bozarth Sales

Shakes, Shingles, Sidewall Shingles, Post Caps,  Boards, Light Blocks, Hose Bib Blocks.

Cedar Products

1 x 2, 1 x 4 , 1x 6 , 2 x 2.  1 x 8 Shiplap.

Fir Boards

15# and 30# Felt, Tin Shingles, Roll Valley, Roof Caps, Roof Vents, Scuppers, Ridge Vents, Roof Coatings, Wet Patches.

Felt and Roofing Accessories

Flashings, Bearing Plates, Foundation Bolts, Snap Ties, Louvers, Area Wells, Spreader Cleats, Bag Ties, Tie Wire, Continuous Soffit Vent.

Flashings and Metal Products

Post Bases, Rebar, Stub Steel, Concrete Mix Bags, Mortar Mix Bags, Cement Bags, Sand Bags, Pier Blocks, Concrete Blocks, Fire Bricks, Parking/Wheel Stops, Splash Blocks, Crushed Rock Bags, Rapid Set Cement All Bags.

Concrete & Steel Products

1 x 2 & 1 x 3 Stakes, 2 x 2 Hubs, Wedges, Lath, Shims, Lattice, Stretch Film, Vented Bird Blocks.

Stakes, Hubs and Miscellaneous

Product List

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